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TME can perform the variety of engineering work needed to design and produce advanced technology products and custom test and process equipment.  TME has expertise in classical system, electrical, electronic, mechanical, materials, computer, and telecom engineering disciplines.  TME also has expertise in commercial product, process, component, hardware, firmware, software, system integration, and packaging engineering.

TME can work with a variety of electronic and photonic circuitry, transmission lines, and packaging technologies.  These technologies can be used in appropriate combination to design products and to produce test and process equipment using various TME CAD Tools.


Electronic circuits and transmission lines

Electrical, electronic, microelectronic, RF, and microwave technologies

Semiconductor, hybrid, p.c. board, cable assemblies

Analog (low and high level, single-ended and differential, MMIC, DC-110GHz)

Digital (bipolar, CMOS, BiCMOS, ECL, GaAs, HBT, MMIC, etc., DC-50 Gb/s),

Interface (converters, sensors, transducers, drivers, actuators)

Power (DC, AC, switch mode) technologies

Photonic circuits and transmission lines

Fiber optic (single mode, multimode, plastic or glass, 600nM-1700nM)

Lithium niobate, silica, and other optical integrated circuit technologies

Laser diodes, PIN and avalanche photodiodes, optical amplifiers and passives

Free space optics

Micro-circuit Packaging

Discretes and hybrids (wafer saw, die mount, wire bond or flip chip, plasma clean, seal)

Hermetic (ceramic glass frit lead-frame, ceramic sidebraze, Kovar seam weld, epoxy seal)

Non-hermetic (plastic transfer mold/trim and form lead-frame, thin and thick film, encapsulation)

Multi-chip Modules (MCM), Chip On Board (COB), Chip On Flex (COF), and other bare die technologies

Microwave launchers, optical feedthrus, thermal, magnetic, EMI/RFI, stress, and ESD package design features

Macro-circuit Packaging

Surface mount and through-hole p.c. board (single and multi-layer, etched or screened, integral passives)

Flex circuits (standard, sculpted, RF and Microwave)

Custom and commodity components used in discrete, integral, or integrated forms

Thermal, magnetic, EMI/RFI, pneumatics, and graphics package design features

Sheet metal, machined metal, machined plastic, wood, and related finishes

Die cast metal and injection molded plastic (hard and soft tooling, single and multi-cavity, short and long throw core slides)


System analysis, partitioning, and integration design

System, electronic, electrical, mechanical, mechanical design, and component engineering

Selection and tradeoffs for electrical, electronic, RF, microwave, mechanical, thermal, pneumatic, acoustic, magnetic, optical, and fiber optic technologies

Research, analysis, evaluation, and selection of materials, components, equipment, software, and suppliers

Evaluation, selection and design of manufacturing assembly processes, assembly fixture design, special machine design, and test methods

Material procurement, assembly, and system integration for machined or tooled prototypes

Tooling and procurement for printed circuit boards and thin and thick film hybrid substrates

Prototype performance measurement, data analysis and interpretation, and evaluation

Product changes, physical design revisions, production tooling, and release documentation

Production startup, yield improvement, cost analysis, and cost reduction

Analysis of production and customer return failures, quality, and reliability


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