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TME provides business and technical consulting, advanced technology engineering, and manufacturing services to help you get your advanced technology product to market on time.  These services are offered to OEM and contract manufacturer customers interested in outsourcing product engineering and custom manufacturing work.  Services are customized to meet some or all of the specific needs of each individual customer.

TME can partially or fully design, prototype, and characterize your product.  TME can engineer your product at the component, assembly, equipment, and system levels.  TME can also design and produce custom test and process equipment for product manufacturing, development, and research purposes.  Whether for products or custom equipment, TME can work with a variety of mature and advanced electronic, optical, and packaging technologies.  Designs are composed with solid modeling, drafting, schematic capture, circuit layout, publishing, and other CAD software tools.  TME maintains extensive CAD and product data libraries and supplier relationships to perform the many component, material, and equipment engineering tasks needed.


TME Consulting specifies a sound initial conceptual design for a new product or related test or process equipment

TME Consulting and Engineering views a design as a system integration problem, since many technical, business, and human factors must be considered and combined for success

TME Engineering progressively refines the initial conceptual design, reviews refinements with the concerned parties, and produces a CAD documented physical design.  A physical design typically consists of electrical schematics and circuit layouts, mechanical drawings, costed material lists with suppliers and manufacturers, and other descriptive documents.

TME Engineering performs system integration by converting the physical design into a successful prototype and production model.

TME Manufacturing procures and assembles the required materials and equipment, tests and evaluates design performance, implements needed revisions, and ships on time to the customer.


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