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TME can partially or fully engineer, prototype, and characterize your advanced technology product.  TME can work with a wide variety of mature and advanced electronic, photonic, and packaging technologies to create your product.  TME can create customer products at the component, assembly, equipment, and system levels.

Hermetic and non-hermetic discrete device, Multi-Chip Modules, and hybrid assemblies

Surface mount and through-hole printed circuit board assemblies

Shielded and unshielded sub-assemblies, modules, equipment, and systems

Sensors, actuators, and transducers using opto-electronics, optics, fiber optics, video, magnetic, thermal, electro-mechanics, pneumatics, or acoustics

Test, process, and automation equipment products

Example products for the telecom industry include:

Fixed and tunable lasers, PIN and avalanche optical receivers, wavelength lockers

Optical transmitters, receivers, transponders for 2.5 GB/s, 10 GB/s, 40 GB/s, NRZ, RZ, CRZ modulation

Optical amplifiers, filters, couplers, circulators, isolators, and integrated circuits

Data drivers, clock drivers, clock-data recovery modules

FEC encoders and decoders

DWDM and time domain multiplexers and demultiplexers

SONET and DSn assemblies and modules

Fiber span quality of service monitors


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