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TME can make the custom test and process equipment needed to manufacture, develop, or research your product.  TME can also provide complete solutions by evaluating, selecting, procuring, and integrating the custom equipment with commodity equipment and providing any custom software needed (Visual Basic or LabVIEW preferred).  Whether simple or complex, manual or automatic, TME can design and deliver the needed fixtures, interfaces, equipment, consoles, cabling, calibration standards, and accessories.  TME can create critical equipment not available in the market or customize commodity equipment to reduce capital costs.  Such equipment is:

For Telecommunication, Semiconductor, Hybrid, Sensor, Transportation, Biotechnology, and  Military Products

For products containing combinations of electrical, electronic, microelectronic, RF, microwave, optical, fiber optic, magnetic, thermal, mechanical, and pneumatic technologies

For products packaged as semiconductor or optical wafers, bare and packaged die, hermetic and non-hermetic hybrids (pre-lid and post-lid), sub-assemblies, modules, and systems

Made from custom and commodity consoles, instruments, and equipment (power, computer, electrical, optical), switch matrices (optical, microwave, etc.), cable assemblies (power, control, digital, analog, RF, microwave, and optical), console-fixture interfaces, test fixtures, and precision assembly fixtures and tooling

Made from test and process fixtures (single or multiple head) that combine electronic and photonic circuitry with mechanical, electrical, microwave, optical, thermal, visual, and hand probe connections to the product

Made with manufacturing, product development, or research grade engineering quality

Made with attention to test or process time, throughput, troubleshooting, and maintainability

Example custom test and process equipment for the telecom industry include:

Test equipment for ~2.5 Gb/s, ~10 Gb/s, and ~40 Gb/s rates per ITU standards

Optical transmitter instruments with DWDM tunable laser, RZ, NRZ, and/or CRZ modulation, and SBS suppression

FEC transceiver instruments

Optical receiver instruments with DWDM tunable filter and multi-rate data and clock recovery

Data and clock amplifier instruments with electronic phase shifter

Optical and microwave switch matrices

Test fixtures with fast temperature test capability

Screening station for bare laser diode, DWDM optical filters, optical amplifiers

Assembly holding fixtures, vibrating small parts separators, align and anchor equipment


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